Monday, August 22, 2011

Get ready for Hurricanes!

Preparedness is the key to riding out a hurricane. Keep yourself informed of storm progress. Make sure your house is stocked with plenty of drinking water, easy to prepare non-perishable food (such as peanut butter, bread, granola bars, canned beans, spaghetti-o's, nuts, juice boxes, etc- especially helpful if you have young children). Make sure your flashlights are working, and your battery operated radio or TV. If you have a generator- make sure it starts and has fuel, also fill your propane tanks( you may be BBQing all that meat in the freezer if the power goes out for an extended time) Get some beer to go with, you might as well enjoy the company of your neighbors while cleaning out your freezer..Gas up your vehicles, in case you have to evacuate. Get some emergency cash on hand. If the power goes out for an extended time..there will not be access to ATMs. Secure large objects in your yard, and bring in anything that could potentially blow and turn into a dangerous projectile. Keep a well stocked first aide kit in the house and secure important documents like insurance policies and banking information as well as titles to property in a dry container or safe box. If you have an interior closet or bathroom, make sure it is decluttered so that it could be used as a safe room if necessary. Lastly, don't forget to have supplies for your pets. Above all, stay safe. Stay inside until the worst is over. Do not go near downed power lines or try to drive in hurricane force wind and rain.
Some helpful sites with loads of good information are:
Hurricane preparedness guide
10 Step Family Hurricane plan

Stay safe!

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