Monday, February 21, 2011

Beach Days

Today we went to Hollywood Beach. Pulled up to the North Beach parking lot to find it locked up and closed. Thought it was odd, being President's day and winter break for half the country..drove on to find an elusive parking space. Parked a few streets down. Set up our camp on the beach, had a sandwich, an orange and a bottle of water. Decided to walk down to the normally open and clean public bathrooms to find them locked up tight as well. Asked the homeless man and woman sitting under the canopy what was going on and they informed me that Hollywood does not open the parking lot or restrooms on Holidays! Why? To save money? Could this be true? Turns out it is not completely is Broward County Parks that is closed on President's Day...Aren't holidays when working folk go to the parks?
The lot is a paid lot...Heck, Hollywood and/ or Broward County Parks could probably charge extra and have a full lot on a beautiful February long holiday weekend day.
Heck, I'll stand there all day for a percentage charging people to park their cars...What are they thinking?

Hungry? Well, more good news..the concession stand is not open either! What a loss to the beach-goers who are looking to pay their hard earned money on parking and food..What a loss to Broward County/ Hollywood coffers! I couldn't find anything specific on the website as to why they weren't open today is a link to their site: North Beach Park

The park is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays November -March according to the website..this doesn't make much sense either considering it is the height of vacation season here. It would make more sense to close the parks in the summer months/hurricane season when it is unbearably hot and humid to sit outside…This time of year North Beach Park is a beautiful spot with nice facilities and a pristine beach. The Turtle Cafe concession is decent and reasonably priced. The bathrooms are the best kept on the beach. Outsource to a private vendor on Holidays, when the beach is most full, let someone benefit from what seems to be senseless bureaucracy.

Funny Shopping Cart at Broward Mall

I went to the Browrad Mall the other day and found this gem.  I am aware that we live in a litigious society. But do we really need to tell people not to stick their kids in storage bags?