Thursday, September 30, 2010

Learning Spanish a must in South Florida

Rosetta Stone V3: Spanish (Latin America) Level 1 with Audio Companion [OLD VERSION]Take it from me, a native New Englander with 4 years of high school spanish under my belt. You need Spanish to communicate effectively down here. Especially, if you dare venture into Miami. It is another world. I like diversity. This is not the problem. I just wish I had a better grip on this language. Rosetta Stone is coming to my rescue. Rosetta Stone has a great software program that can help you learn the Spanish language quickly and easily in the privacy of your own home..Fantastico!

Go to : to learn more.

Technology makes some things so much I must venture to the mall to hablo espanol. Adios!


  1. If you want write espanol the n on it must be ñ
    alt 164 (for ñ) and alt 165 (for Ñ)

    Its the ASCII table

    Maybe these link can help you to translate, the hole table is on it.