Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One of the Best Restaurants in Florida

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of dining with friends at Edwardo de San Angel in Fort Lauderdale.  Wow!  The food, service and atmosphere was nothing short of amazing.

The restaurant is on the expensive side, but as we found, worth every penny.  Extraordinary service, spectacular cuisine, and an ambiance  that takes you on a quick jaunt to an authentic gourmet restaurante en Mexico (no small feat, considering it is located in a strip mall on East Commercial Blvd.) not far from the beach. The waitstaff is top notch(especially Rafael) and super professional (something very difficult to find in South Florida).

We started with two appetizers  a Herb oil grilled Cactus paddle bocadillo filled with an achiote marinated  pork medalion accented with guajillo chile sauce  and a Roasted Poblano pepper stuffed with Fresh  Florida Bluecrab pickled jalapeno peppers, green olives, tomatoes and sweet roasted onions.  The appetizers alone would have been a satisfying meal.  We teamed that with our Rafael's recommended 16 yr old Don Jacobo Gran Reserva Wine- which was one of the most smooth and satisfying reds I've ever had the pleasure of sipping.  Definitely a special occasion type of dinner.

My entree was the Pan Seared beef tenderloin filet mignon stuffed with stewed roasted poblano peppers and sweet onions and goat and monterey jack cheese. Served with a sauce of smoked chipotle chiles spiked with puebla style mole.  A memorable meal..

Almost forgot to mention the Cilantro soup which was divine.  Except for overeating that night...I wouldn't change a thing...It's difficult to just have a little-it's soooo good..but probably we could afford to go more often if we did.

I am not alone in my opinion, on the way out we all admired the wall of awards the restaurant has been honored with.

Reservations are is an intimate place with a total of about 10 tables in 3 rooms.

To see the outstanding menu click here:

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